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Officine Fioravanti

Officine Fioravanti is a distinguished company in the automotive industry, specializing in the construction of special vehicles and the execution of high-level mechanical modifications. Founded on a passion for innovation and precision craftsmanship, Officine Fioravanti stands as a benchmark for car enthusiasts and industry professionals seeking bespoke solutions and superior performance.

Despite its Swiss roots, the company has strategically located its production in Turin, the heart of the Italian automotive industry. This decision allows Officine Fioravanti to tap into a rich heritage of technical expertise and automotive tradition, ensuring the quality and excellence of its products.

In Turin, Officine Fioravanti combines advanced engineering with the art of automotive design, creating vehicles that are not only powerful and high-performing but also elegant and unique. Each project is meticulously crafted, from the initial concept to the final realization, to meet the specific needs of a discerning and sophisticated clientele.

Officine Fioravanti's commitment to research and development translates into cutting-edge technical innovations that enhance the performance, safety, and efficiency of its vehicles. The company is renowned for its ability to transform ordinary vehicles into masterpieces on four wheels, with mechanical modifications that amplify the original features of the models and boost their capabilities.

Officine Fioravanti symbolizes Swiss quality and Italian craftsmanship, a perfect combination that makes each vehicle a masterpiece of engineering and design.


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