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512BB Evoluzioni Tecniche


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Innovation and Technology

The modifications on this project follow a different approach. They are not as flashy as those characterizing the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione M, yet they revolutionize the driving dynamics of the vehicle. Aesthetically, every component is analogous and faithful to the original, making it indistinguishable from its 1970s counterpart.

These modifications allow the 512BB to preserve its style, appearance, and soul, while also making it extremely

more reliable, comfortable for everyday use or long journeys, safe, and high-performing. In any case, the

vehicle remains unaltered and the modifications are easily reversible. The modifications are reversible. All

this is achieved without compromising the preservation of its 1970s charm.


512BB Evoluzioni Tecniche
  • Replacement of the carburetor system with a modern engine control system, hidden within the faithful replica of the carburetors machined from solid by Officine Fioravanti;

  • New electrical system utilizing more efficient contemporary technical solutions, making the vehicle more reliable;


512BB Evoluzioni Tecniche


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